Founded by Barış Mardin, Şener Aygün and Doğukan Karakaş, Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi (SWTR-S) is one of the leading Star Wars communities in Turkey. It's goal is to provide Star Wars knowledge in focus. Started it's journey as a Facebook group (Star Wars Türkiye Galaktik İmparatorluk), SWTR-S reformed into what it is now when a new admin which was also Sithpedi's current admin (Doğukan Karakaş) joined it's administration group and decided to proceed with the reformation so a necessary Sithpedi fan page wouldn't be in competition with the group. After the steep decline in the activity of the group, Doğukan Karakaş decided to start an Instagram page under the name of Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi and keep the name going on that platform. While most of the admins disagreed with the change; Barış Mardin, Şener Aygün and Emrah Karaman agreed. After the huge start up success of the page, the Facebook group was archived. To this day, SWTR-S is one of the leading Star Wars communities of Turkey and keeps advancing since.