Founded by Doğukan Karakaş, Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi's Discord server is the first and the biggest Star Wars Discord server in Turkey. With 3k+ (as of 2020) members, SWTS-S Discord is functioning as a junction between Star Wars fans and Sithpedi contributors so they can work more efficiently. With the help of it's custom bots YVH 1 and YVH 2, Sithpedi Discord is a fully secure Discord server. With the active administration team, we're able to prevent violation of our rules, thus making the server a friendly place for everyone. While it's most active channel is the off-topic, Sithpedi Discord also has different channels such as Star Wars discussion, art, projects and one of it's most important channels; Sithpedi. While acting as a discussion and help platform for current Sithpedi contributors, Sithpedi channel also lures more contributors and help them adapt to our style.