I have been working on various projects, particularly on improving the Turkish Star Wars community, since 2018. Here is a list of them.

Founded by Fandom user Kerem1234 and Quentum in 2014, later revived and revised by East6 (Doğukan Karakaş); Sithpedi is the most extensive Turkish Star Wars databank to this day.


Founded by Echo Spy and managed by MysticalArchAngel until March 3, 2020. Altered Carbon wiki has one active administrator to this day, East6 (Doğukan Karakaş). It is one of the leading Altered Carbon databanks on the world wide web.


Founded by East6, Moingx, Aldetta, and Efe Önem, Sithpedi Fanon is the first Turkish Star Wars Fanon platform that fans can write down their own Star Wars dreams.


Founded by Doğukan Karakaş, Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi's Discord server is Turkey's first and most significant Star Wars Discord server. It has 4.3k+ members as of September 2021. Also, Sithpedi Discord is a proud Discord Partner.


Founded by Barış Mardin, Şener Aygün and Doğukan Karakaş, Star Wars Türkiye - Sithpedi is one of the leading Star Wars communities in Turkey. Its goal is to provide Star Wars knowledge in focus.